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Stuff. And things!
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Book lover and brand new boutique publisher. Could use some help navigating the (boo, hiss) Amazon maze. Talk with me about anything indie publishing/book marketing related.
Company Panoply Publishing
Location Phoenix, Arizona


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Stanley Bain

Company Bainery Pictures
Position Producer | Writer | Director
Location Albuquerque, New Mexico


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Richard Begg

I love indies, documentaries, horror, and scifi. I find a good discussion about the many facets of humanity and how they can be portrayed on the big screen to be a wonderful time. I also like a decent burger.
Location beggr12@gmail.com


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Jeremy Bridges

Directing, Story Development, Screenwriting, Cinematography, Color
Company Bridges Brothers Productions
Location Phoenix, AZ




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Philip Capobres

Company SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival
Position Artistic Director
Location Providence, RI


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Carl Chapman

I like photography
Company Carl Chapman
Position Photographer
Location Phoenix


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Wade Chitwood

Wade Chitwood is a filmmaker and visual effects artist in Bellevue, Washington. Through his production and visual effects company "Hoplight Productions," he wrote, directed, and produced the award-winning films, "The Prospector," "The Comet Chronicles," and "Rocket Man Adventure Series." A multifaceted artist, Wade is proficient in various creative art forms that include: digital effects for feature films and TV shows, comics and comic books, literary illustrations, assorted fine art mediums, and other picture postcards. Presently he has just finished show bibles and TV pilot scripts for "The Comet... Read more
Company Hoplight Productions
Position Producer, Director, VFX
Location Seattle


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Killian Davies

Company RVnGO
Position Content Marketing Manager
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Laura Burns DeNigris

Location Phoenix, Arizona


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Rayna Dennis

I am an Arizona native, lover of movies (the scarier the better) and also a big fan of volunteering!  You will see me volunteering at the festival.
Location Surprise, Arizona


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Bill Eikost

Produce and fund small budget (under $1M) independent feature films and documentaries. Founding partner in Hex Studios Scotland.
Company 7 Toes Productions, LLC
Position President
Location Glendale, AZ


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Jaime En Fuego

Location Phoenix, Arizona


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Jim Gardner

Jim’s pre & post production work for the award-winning documentary, The Donut Dollies (www.donutdollies.com), has led him to locate over four thousand archival photos and hours of 8mm film, nearly all of which were previously unseen. His efforts to personally reach out to these women who volunteered through the Red Cross to serve in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, has in many cases been the first time they have been asked to share their stories. Rather than not share the wealth of experiences and materials provided by the Donut Dollies, Jim created the Donut Dollie Detail (www.donutdollies.com/... Read more
Company The Donut Dollies Documentary
Position Co-producer, Music Supervisor & Archivist
Location Los Angeles, CA


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Miros Gonzalez

Company The Bears on Pine Ridge
Position Co-Producer
Location Long Island, NY




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Scott Hays

Company scotthays.photo.film.tv.media
Position Camera
Location Scottsdale


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Jess Hill

Company Paloma Productions, Inc.
Position Owner, President
Location Los Angeles


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Danya Hyams

Location Scottsdale, Arizona


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Mutsumi Kameyama

Mutsumi Kameyama was born on August 31, 1989 in Tokyo,  Japan.
She is a director and writer, known for “12 Months of KAI”, “My life, mom’s life” and “SOMNIUM”(Web Episode).
Position Director
Location Japan


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Brendan Kittle

Location Casa Grande, Arizona


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Kevin Kittle

Company The Cinema Files
Position Executive Editor
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Lesley Lillywhite

Always enthused to work on Arizona films, I am thrilled our comedic sci-fi ZAP! screens in the prestigious Phoenix Film Festival this year.  As a screenwriter, I have a variety of award-winning scripts, including MULLARKEY'S GHOSTS -- a top ten finalist here at PFF last year, and part of my "Enchilada Western" genre, at the ready to leap into future filmmaking projects and to chat about film in Arizona.
Company Stellium Films
Position Writer / Executive Producer
Location Tucson, AZ


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Slob O'Dan

Company Parallel Universe
Position Space Cadet
Location Arizona/Sirius B



Maria Katre Osler





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Dale Pigg

I was born a poor black child
Location Chandler, Arizona


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Whitney Ripley

“…I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy."

- Jordan Baker
Location Tempe, Arizona


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Matthew Robinson

Location Tempe, Arizona


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Cecilia Robles

Cecilia Robles is an escapist. Her 3 passions are cinema, literature and traveling. After flying 3 years for Mexicana de Aviación and globetrotting around the 5 continents, she studied film, literature and acting in 5 different countries. She is fluent in 5 languages and has graduated from 5 universities (CUEC, SORBONNE, UMA, UCLA and IIN).
She is the author of the erotic novel BIENVENIDOS A BORDO, based on her questionable adventures as a flight attendant. As for TINDER TANGO, she has also written, directed, produced, starred, and edited several shorts that have screened in prestigious festiv... Read more
Company Oddacity Films
Position Writer/ Director/ Producer
Location Los Angeles


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Ryan David Scattergood

Location Chandler, Arizona


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Philip C. Sedgwick

I am the screenwriter and director of the short film ZAP! Last year, the screenplay for ZAP! won the Phoenix Film Festival's Screenplay Search. That was all the confirmation we needed to shoot the short. Our local coyotes submitted a chorus of approval during our filming. And they had perfect timing. As a writer I have many scripts set in Arizona, both shorts and features that are good to go. My partner, Lesley Lillywhite, with whom I am attending the fest, and I are rabid about resurrecting the film industry in Arizona. If you'd like to see one of my existing scripts or bring me onboard as a work-for-hire... Read more
Company Stellium Films
Position Writer / Director
Location Tucson AZ


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Janet Selby

Location Phoenix, Arizona



Evan Selleck

Location Prescott


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Glenda Starling

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Jamel Thomas

Company LVN ABV
Position Founder


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Kieran Thompson

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Larry Weinberg

Company Computer Care
Position Owner
Location Scottsdale


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Ron Wilson

Location Phoenix, Arizona


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David Young

I own a film company in Wichita, KS, that I run with my fellow filmmakers and artists. In addition, I write coverage for competitions and production companies, as well as for independent screenwriters. I love to write screenplays, drink coffee, and pore over spreadsheets!
Company Illumination Cinema
Position Writer, Producer
Location Phoenix, Arizona


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John Zatarski

Honest Movie Critic who enjoys eclectic as well as mainstream films.
Company Emeritus CPA Consultant
Position Director
Location Phoenix AZ