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Jim Gardner

The Donut Dollies Documentary
Co-producer, Music Supervisor & Archivist
Los Angeles, CA

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Jim’s pre & post production work for the award-winning documentary, The Donut Dollies (www.donutdollies.com), has led him to locate over four thousand archival photos and hours of 8mm film, nearly all of which were previously unseen. His efforts to personally reach out to these women who volunteered through the Red Cross to serve in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, has in many cases been the first time they have been asked to share their stories. Rather than not share the wealth of experiences and materials provided by the Donut Dollies, Jim created the Donut Dollie Detail (www.donutdollies.com/category/donut-dollie-detail), for which each woman answers 10-questions and provide 4 photos. From this he creates and posts each feature on social media, which has now reached 60 individual editions. Through this ongoing work, the memories and photos of the Donut Dollies will be saved for posterity and the benefit of women, veterans, educators, historians and the public.